Fire Ants and Nuisance Ant Pests of the Southeastern US—April 21, 2022

Fire ants are both an economic and medical pest of humans and livestock. Their management and control has been justified since their accidental introduction into the U.S. more than 50 years ago.

This archive is provided primarily to county extension agents and those with a need to control fire ants in pastures, hayfields, schools, homes and numerous other sites.

Our Topics and Speakers:

  • Fire Ants of the Southeastern U.S.: History, Identification, Biology, Biological Control – Dr. David H. Oi, USDA-ARS, Center for Medical, Agricultural and Veterinary Entomology, Gainesville, FL
  • Management of Fire Ants in Urban and Suburban Environments: Golf Courses, Athletic Fields, and Residential Homes – Dr. Will Hudson, Department of Entomology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA
  • Management of Fire Ants in Rural Environments: Pastures, Equipment & Calibration – Dr. Tim Davis, Chatham County UGA Extension, Savannah, GA

For county agents, and those watching along at their county Extension office, this particular archive offers more than 1 hour of Category Credit.

CategoryCredit Hours Granted
10 or Private1

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